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Mandera plans irrigation projects

Mandera plans irrigation projects

MANDERA leaders want to develop irrigation projects along River Daua to make the county self-sufficient in food. Mandera women’s representative Fathia Mahbub said the river, which runs for nine months cumulatively, can be used to transform the entire county into a regional food basket.

Speaking at Baobab Resort Beach Hotel in Diani, Kwale, after a two-day meeting of the county leadership on Monday 28th October, Mahbub said the county is giving more attention to agriculture to grow its economy. She said the leaders agreed employ form four leavers who studied agriculture in school as agricultural officers.

Mahbub said the programme, which is aimed at creating job opportunities, will ensure farmers are trained to improve the standards of living in the society. “We have to use form leavers and give them jobs to train our farmers because there are not enough agricultural extension officers,” she said.

Governors’ investment wish-list is fine, but their counties may not be prepared


By Ng’ang’a Mbugua

Governors have been going out of their way to court investors through high profile conferences that seek to showcase all that is rosy in their counties. Which is all very well because it promises to create jobs for young people and expand opportunities for doing business among those with capital and drive for enterprise.

That many of these conferences have been successful cannot be gainsaid since the officials often sign multi-billion shilling contracts mostly with foreign investors.

But the question that should be debated next is whether or not these initiatives will succeed in the long term especially if counties fail to create a conducive environment even for local investors to do business.

In countries like Japan, major industrial players thrive at the end of a supply chain fed largely by medium and small-scale companies, which manufacture specialised goods, be they machine parts or the food and fruits served by the national carrier.

That is why counties would do well to explore ways in which they can make it possible for fledgling businesses in the commercial, industrial and service sectors to thrive.

Although there are many people involved in primary production, say of food, much more needs to be done along the chain to enhance value addition and create opportunities for high quality processing for local consumption as well as for export.

The danger to guard against is a situation where a big multinational player enters a small regional market, but finds that there are not enough subcontractors who have the money and the manpower to play with the big boys.

And I think that is one of the problems facing Turkana County where Tullow Oil, a major player in Africa’s oil and gas sector, had to suspend operations in the face of protests sparked by demand for jobs and supply contracts among locals.


To avoid such situations, counties should give small, medium and even large businesses and industries the incentives to grow, especially in this era when the national government has pledged that 30 per cent of tenders will be reserved for youth, women and people with disabilities.

For such companies to develop the systems they need to compete favourably at the national level, they must be nurtured in their own counties.

As it is, there are too many bottlenecks standing in the way of these enterprises, including but not limited to harassment by county officials who examine their operations with a fine-tooth comb in the hope of finding something amiss so that they can get an avenue to milk them for personal gain; the need for a one-stop shop where enterprises can have their licences and other operational needs met by government agencies working under one roof; harmonisation of taxation to ensure they are not burdened by the demands of national and county governments, and that key services such as roads, water, electricity, garbage collection, drainage and sewerage services are available.

The willingness by business operators to pay for these amenities has never been in question. The problem only arises when they are taxed — sometimes a little too heavily — yet the services are never provided.

Even the big foreign investors that governors have been courting will require these amenities once they set up shop in various counties. It is not the duty of large-scale investors to pave roads or tap rivers to generate electricity or trap rain water for irrigation. These are jobs that county governments should take as their primary responsibility.

At the end of the day, counties must aspire to a higher standard of achievement benchmarked on best practices first in the Third World and then in the developing world. After getting the basics right, they can then aspire to international standards.

The important thing is to ensure that the lethargy that sometimes makes government the enemy of local entrepreneurs does not creep into counties. Counties should seek to first create jobs and systematically nurture the expansion of a middle class that can spend its disposable incomes on tertiary economic engagements such as tourism and service industries.
In the final analysis, courting foreign investors ought to go hand in glove with creating room for low and middle level local investors to thrive.

50 years of independence, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Source nation media.

Kenya has started celebrations to mark 50 years since independence, with President Kenyatta paying glowing tribute to the country’s heroes and heroines.

The President, who presided over the Mashujaa Day celebrations, launched the Kenya@50 Celebration Calendar — kicking off year-long activities to mark the country’s 50 years of self rule.

The Kenya@50 logo— a lion motif, golden jubilee and Kenyan flag colours— was also unveiled during the celebrations at Nyayo National Stadium, Nairobi.

“This year, we mark the Golden Jubilee of our Republic. We intend to commemorate 50 years of independence by celebrating our triumphs and reflecting upon our future progress,” President Kenyatta said.

He said starting yesterday, there would be various activities by people from various sectors of “our public life and all parts of the country to mark Kenya@50.”

Sports, Cultures and Arts Cabinet Secretary Hassan Wario said the Kenya@50 flag logo signified Kenyans independence, the lion implies the country is still roaring while the golden jubilee shows “we are proud to be Kenyans.”

Under the banner “We are one,” Mr Wario said the Golden Jubilee celebrations would be used to remember those who fought for independence, reflect on the present and the future, and help Kenyans unite and work together.

Mr Wario called for the passage of the Heroes Bill to remember all Kenyans who have sacrificed to make the country better.

Various heroes and heroines were later feted by President Kenyatta at State House, Nairobi.

The government has allocated Sh500 million seed money for the Kenya@50 celebrations and the private sector is also expected to contribute to the kitty.

Several programmes are to be rolled out culminating into a grand celebration during Jamhuri Day.

Fifty million trees are expected to be planted in a national tree planting campaign.

Why Kulmiye Youth must be strengthened and their Naratives!

I had no idea about the existence of Mr Morality and Mr Ethics(Not real names) until late last month when i heard on radio 4 breakfast blast news, I decided to travel up North in Manchester to search for these strange two people, reason been these two unique people fought for change in a small villages and towns in Chad North Africa. reading their story i thought we share common problems and hence time to pack and go and see them, some will wonder why Chad, why not interact intellectual from mandera, well since mandera county didnt give me the opportunity to ‘have such dedicated mind’ so far.

I learnt from the two, how individuals and groups of people selflessly sacrificed their time and resources to ensure that the foundation of this great historical country called Chad was laid and like the baobab tree, grow gradually to become a bigger tree that can provide enough shade and shelter for all and sundry without any form of discrimination, inequalities, just as it has made it so in almost every community in the Upper West, Upper East and Northern Regions of Chad. responded eloquently by Mr Morality.

Let me pack the story of this two great men a side for moment! coming back to mandera County In fact, the County Government has gone through thick and thin since march 2013 when it begun to exist, with leadership trying to increase the height of the walls of the building after a very solid foundation was laid.

Undeniably, the mandera County is a a county with matchless qualities. Presently, it is the only County in kenya that can connect North to East and South and far near to middle east. But, just as the walls of this Unique county, still under construction, are about to reach lintel or roofing levels, a canker identified or yet to be identified by authorities of the County, has hit the foundation of the entire building structure and like termites, destroying volumes of printed research materials that contain the destiny of a whole society. This canker is hydra-headed, thus it will be difficult to kill it without applying patience, openness, tactfulness and above all wisdom. Indeed, whilst some people including myself think the unidentified canker is TRIBALISM and NEPOTISM, others think it is INEPTITUDE.

Tribalism according to the Macmillan English Dictionary is (a) a way of thinking or behaving in which people are more loyal to their tribe than to their friends, their country, or any other social group or (b) very strong loyalty that someone feels for the group they belong to, usually combined with the feeling of disliking all other groups or being different from them.Nepotism on the other hand is defined by the same dictionary as; the practice of using your power and influence to give jobs to people in your family instead of to people who deserve to have them.

Unfortunately, there is a perceived tribalism being fueled by one tribal group at the County and for some obvious reasons I choose to call it X. The X tribe does not understand why two particular tribes or tribal groups, Y and Z, have dominated the whole County hierarchy across all the sectors,the County Government.
As a result, members of X in recent years in one way or the other, have been complaining bitterly but in the quiet, about this development and continue to grumble over it to the attention of eavesdroppers of Y and Z. For their understanding (X), members of Y and Z are considered to be super-righted or more capable than them (X) and that is why they dominate the County. Secondly, aside the County, Y and Z tribes according to members of X are found in almost every government department in the area they (X) hail from and this is threatening their future in terms of job placement for themselves and their unborn children.

Having realized the amount of water that has passed under the bridge (in their assumption), i am assume a new tribe in existent soon called “Kulmiye” and will soon to be saying no way, no more mistakes. They also appear to be saying that, this is also our time and let no one stand in our way, because we’re going to fill our people in available vacancies and key positions regardless of which tribes or breeds they come from, as long as they qualify through competitive and fair process with quality and equality guiding all the way. Thus, all of a sudden there shall be a change in the current status quo.

The Macmillan English Dictionary also defines ineptitude as; lack of ability or skill. My friend poor-man (not his real name) has no hope in the County development agenda at all even though i tried on many occasions to play the role of a spokesperson for the County by trying to tell him that the Mandera county is the best in Northern region at the moment if he puts together Wajir, Garissa and among others. Many doubting thomases like Poor-man would argue with me.

But Poor-man’s beef or worry is that, if for instance if the recruitment are flawed, named already sealed by unelected, kangaroo court called Council of elders based in Nairobi not County headquarters fill every position in the county how could poor-man with no God father or not factor leading him? what about when the impression of the county executive failed to address the problems? This is where the issue of ineptitude is suspected.

Having listened to Poor-man and a couple of people talked to me about the County Government operations with such bitterness, am tempted to believe that authorities of the County headquaters are not doing a lot of diligence when it comes to recruiting the BEST institution leaders for the various departments of Mandera County.

This notwithstanding, I have personally seen jobs advertisements on the news daily in recent past and the caliber of people they were looking for, in my opinion, were undoubtedly the best. But, could it be that behind the scenes (during short-listing of such applicants) nepotism and ineptitude take centre stage whilst a sense of fairness and merit is thrown to the dogs? Your guess is as good as mind.

So before I end, let me call on the Governing excutive of mandera County and all who matter in the affairs of the Mandera County, to take bold steps to diagnose this dangerous canker very well and find a complete cure to it before it spread and permeate all structures of the County Government like a malignant tumour.

The time has come for all of us (me inclusive) to bury any differences and champion a common objective that will define our destiny. We should not destroy what hold us together in the name of tribalism, nepotism and ineptitude. Lest we forget, the words in the anthem of Kenya especially the following stanzas should remind us of our oneness “Justice be our Shield and defender; Our Knowledge is For Service; Practicalising Education For Life; Uniting The People in Development; Inspiring Every Mind, Every Heart And Every Hand; Providing The Best of Our Higher Education; Praise Be to God For The Blessing Over Us;”. Has anyone heard of the saying that, “If you want to deny northerners something valuable, give it to them to share and they will fight over it till you come back for it?”
Join Kulmiye Youth to make sure one mandera becomes a reality. They that have ears let them hear, and if they that heed are wise, let them act.

Equality and Fairness Campaigners of mandera County: Join Kulmiye Youth

Tribalism, Nepotism, Ineptitude Destroying our beloved County. no need to write a long paragraph, we know it exist, we know we dont want to talk about honestly and openly . but I know with optimism one day , one time it beyond us and my Children and your children will see the fruits of today’s generation. So for those who shall come after, Join Kulmiye campain to Challenge status quo. Thank You.

Mandera to hire 127 reservists for patrols

THE Mandera county government will employ 127 police reservists as a means of curbing insecurity. Governor Ali Ibrahim Roba said the officers will start working in December.

He said the officers will be paid Sh7500 monthly to motivate them to work harder and gather intelligence information. Roba was speaking at BaoBab Beach Resort-Diani Kwale on Sunday. He said the reservists will be deployed in Mandera town.

The meeting was attended by all county representatives. It was meant to discuss development matters and how leaders can work together. Roba said the county gopvernment will purchase six four-wheel vehicles to be boost security patrols.

“Out of the 30 wards, only one wards that have been experiencing terror threats and so we treat it as a isolated problem to a given a small locality which is Bule Jamuhuri ward,” he said.

Roba said Bule Jamuhuri has been experiencing terror threats due to its proximity to Somali border. “We will do all possible to ensure security matters are take care of,” he said. Roba said the county goverment is establishing cross border relationships neighbouring counties to boost security.

“We are building across border relationship with our neighbors because when we are affected they are also affected so that we can jointly manage the issue of terror threats,’ he said.

“We believe as we move forward the threats of terror in the small town ward Bule Jamuhuri which is the only affected area will be reduced,” he noted.