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It is now or Never for our education system in Mandera County

May 29, 2013


It’s no breaking news that Mandera County is in Education meltdown, and in order for the county to emerge from the ‘dark tunnel’ we must secure long-term significant marshal plan. every growth and development, like so much else, starts with education as the keystone to competition on the other counties stage. Keeping up with the […]

Mandera County leaderships must embrace Careful Approach Management

May 9, 2013


As the Mandera County Government moves forward with its ambitious public service reform plans, it has stated its desire to learn from national experience, not least from Nairobi and Nakuru counties. These two counties have much in common – with each other and least with Mandera County– however Mandera County shall followed rather different paths […]

Think Beyond Divisive Rhetoric

May 3, 2013


Did you know that Governor Ali Ibrahim Roba makes appointments of 10 County Executives representing a broad range of areas and issues for the Mandera County? Most major County agencies and departments are headed by policy making executives appointed by the Governor. These very important citizens help the Governor in his efforts to highlight advocacy, […]

New Dawn and the Role of Diaspora in Mandera County

April 29, 2013


Mandera County: I am an optimist by nature; consequently this piece is about Hope; Human and Institutional Capacity Building and Diaspora Engagement. Just imagine with me for a moment Mandera County on the cusp of being free, democratic and developing County. Messages of Hope After arriving in Mandera County during the campaign the current deputy […]

NEP hopeful as ‘their son’ joins Cabinet

April 28, 2013


Standard Digital News For the first time since independence, Mandera County has produced a Cabinet Secretary nominee and the border county residents are cautiously optimistic. The nomination of Mr Adan Mohamed to the position of the Industrialisation and Enterprise Development was unique not because of his rich academic credentials and work experience as a leading […]

ADAN ABDULLA MOHAMED: Nominee Cabinet Secretary, Industrialization and Enterprise Development

April 25, 2013


Adan Mohamed was born December 1963 in Mandera. Adan has worked for Barclays Bank for over 15 years in different parts of the world. He has been the CEO of Barclays Kenya for a period of 10 years that has seen the Bank grow from strength to strength. In recognition of his contribution, Barclays Group […]

Are we really honest about ending tribalism

April 20, 2013


Mandera County residence and learned friends are always complaining about tribalism and everybody would seemingly like to end it. But still tribalism thrives and gets stronger and more pervasive than it should be. What is wrong? Is tribalism a monster that cannot be overcome or is it actually our fault that we just submitted to […]

Sh248 Million to Aid Mandera, Water Supply

April 18, 2013


The star Sh 248 million will be spent on rehabilitation of Mandera and Rhamu water supplies in Mandera county. Out of the amount Sh 193 is earmarked for upgrading of structures at the Mandera project and Sh 55 million for similar works at the Rhamu supply which started six months ago. “The cash was allocated […]

Adopt a tree in Mandera County

April 18, 2013


Abu Shaahid The threat of the advancing desert necessitated the birth of tree planting campaign in other Counties in Kenya, which is an annual exercise, where trees are planted at a particular time of the year (mostly peak of rainy season). This exercise is more visible in the western, Nyanza and Rift Valley Basins, more […]

Mandera County education system are as corrupt as they come

April 16, 2013


With little funding, dilapidated facilities, and a corrupt leadership, Mandera County’s rapid development is ultimately linked with its ability to keep up with and educate its growing population of young people. By far the biggest problem facing Mandera County education system is teacher absenteeism. What happens to a school when the teachers don’t show up? […]


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